Customized Invoices

Figuring out exactly where your company is spending money on AWS can be a challenge. Stratalux provides customized invoices to all clients so they can easily and conveniently understanding their monthly AWS spend. These invoices can be customized in a variety of ways including: department chargebacks, project codes, different companies under an umbrella corporation, and more.

Bill from AWS:

This sample bill from AWS does not give clear insight as to which departments in the company are spending the most in AWS. The bill provided by AWS is a very broad breakdown of your monthly spend, categorized only by AWS service.

AWS invoice

Detailed Bill from Stratalux:

Below an example of a detailed bill from Stratalux that comes with your invoice every month. It is categorized by tags so you can specify where the spend is coming from. For instance, the bill below is for the Project: Engineering section of the company.

Stratalux Invoice Detailed