Managed ELK Stack

ELK Stack is the Open Source Alternative to Splunk

ELK Stack is an open-source centralized logging solution based on Elasticsearch for collecting, parsing, and storing logs. Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana when used together, form an end-to-end stack (ELK Stack) and real-time data analytics tool that provides actionable insights from almost any type of structured and unstructured data source. Managed ELK Stack removes the overhead of managing your own solution, while allowing you to retain control.

Pre-configred ELK Stack


ELK Stack is set up according to best practices and designed by ELK Stack experts to enable a high degree of flexibility and scalability, in either open source or Windows environments. As a result, you are able to retain and improve the value of your unique Logging solution over time, including filters and dashboards.

Cost-effective ELK Stack

Cost Effective

Open source solutions are not “free.” The effort required to scope, develop and deploy an open source solution can sometimes be daunting. If you are considering developing your own logging solution with ELK Stack, Stratalux will save you valuable time and money, providing you with a hosted, fully-managed turnkey solution.

ELK Stack is in the Cloud

Power of the Cloud

We host ELK Stack on Amazon Web Services, the dominant worldwide player in cloud computing. As one of the earliest AWS Advanced Consulting Partners and ELK Stack experts, you can feel confident that you will have a solution that will enable you to leverage all the advantages of AWS.

ELK Stack Security

Data Protection and Retention

With Stratalux your log data is safely backed up and retained with the reliability and security of the AWS cloud. Stratalux retains your data and allows you to keep data in “open source” format giving you the option to manage it yourself.


Stratalux Managed ELK Stack vs Other Solutions

Feature Stratalux Self Hosted SaaS Solution
Fully Managed X
Scalable X
Customizable X
Retain Control X
Transparency X
Open Source X (Proprietary)
Security (Dedicated Infrastructure) X (Shared Infrastructure)
Cost Effective X (Expensive to Manage) X (Expensive to Scale)
Professional Services X X