AWS Pricing Spreadsheet Calculator

Download Stratalux’s AWS pricing spreadsheet calculator to model, forecast and optimize your AWS expenditure and budgets.

Stratalux is providing free of charge all of Amazon Web Services pricing information in a convenient Excel spreadsheet.

What you get:

  • All On-demand Amazon EC2 and RDS pricing information for every Region.
  • All Reserved Instance Pricing information for both EC2 and RDS services for every Region (Includes the new AWS Canada (Central) & Europe (London) Regions)

With it you can:

  • Map individual servers to calculate AWS pricing information
  • Run what-if scenarios to determine…
    • Cost implications of moving servers between regions
    • Determine which Reserved Instances to purchase
    • Understand cost differences between instance sizes
    • Better Budget AWS expenses

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Latest Update: November 2017, Version 1.51

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