One Sheets

Find information about our services with our one sheets.

Next-Generation cloud delivery and management elevate the value a Managed Services Provider can bring to their customers. As an audited Next-Gen MSP for AWS, Stratalux goes above and beyond the basics of managed services and raises the bar in areas including DevOps, automation, monitoring and support.

Turbo-charge your AWS cloud while managing cost and security with Stratalux Account Explorer powered by CloudCheckr. Extract valuable insights to optimize costs, mitigate security risks, manage utilization, and improve operational efficiencies for your business.

Stratalux provides a full range of DevOps development services utilizing configuration tools such as Chef and AWS CloudFormation to meet your provisioning and automation needs on AWS.

This service collects all logs and audit trails generated by activities in your AWS account(s) in one single location. Get the appropriate visibility, accountability and governance necessary to manage your AWS cloud infrastructure.

With Stratalux and AWS Elemental, customers can harness the elasticity of the cloud when needed, on-demand and with pay as you go services. We offer comprehensive Managed Services of AWS Elemental and build serverless video workflows.