Azubu Case Study

Azubu multiples its infrastructure by over 10x with Stratalux’s AWS migration and management platform

  • Physical Infrastructure to Cloud Infrastructure
  • 30 Servers in Korea to 300+ Servers globally
  • 9 Million+ unique monthly visitors


Over the past few years, esports has become a booming business, attracting large audiences and big money around the world. Esports companies stream live video of professional video game competitions, complete with sponsorships of popular teams and huge tournament events. Azubu is a global broadcast network, delivering premium, live, and on demand eSports action, programming, news and analysis. There are other streaming services that allow just about anyone with an internet connection to broadcast, but Azubu is committed to providing curated, moderated, and exclusive content to their users. Because of the nature of the business, having a flexible and agile infrastructure at all times is an absolute must.


In order to compete with top companies in the industry, Azubu knew they needed an IT infrastructure that would allow them to scale. In addition, having worldwide live streaming that can go viral within an hour leads to massive volatility in viewership and geographic locations. Having 30 servers running on a physical data center in South Korea was not giving Azubu the flexibility and speed it needed to expand. With a small staff and limited tech team, the rapidly growing startup didn’t have the means to migrate into the cloud, and also wanted to avoid having to hire new staff or make a short term deal with an expensive consulting company.


Using Stratalux’s professional services, Azubu’s 30 servers were moved from South Korea to the U.S. and their infrastructure was completely transformed into a DevOps-optimized cloud environment. This gave Azubu the ability to scale their system up and down when needed, as well as providing redundancy and high availability. Stratalux was then able to architect a solution that was most cost effective within Amazon Web Services (AWS). With Stratalux’s DevOps model, Azubu was able to have a U.S. East environment (a full copy of their U.S. West environment) for load testing in just 3 days, a project that would have otherwise taken at least 6 weeks on physical infrastructure. To guarantee that the lights stay on within AWS, Stratalux monitors and manages Azubu’s infrastructure on a 24x7x365 basis and ensures that everything is running properly.


With the the help of Stratalux, Azubu was able to take full advantage of AWS and focus their resources on scaling their business rather than supporting their infrastructure. Their IT costs went down dramatically and their network has become much more robust and better connected. What was once an unknown network in the esports industry now dominates Brazil and is a top competitor in the United States and Asia.

Azubu’s viewership has been on the rise and has recently hit a unique monthly visitor growth of 9 million. In addition, the startup has raised over $94 million in just 12 months to strengthen its platform and expand further. Now that Azubu is using AWS, Stratalux can deploy their code easily and quickly bring up their infrastructure anywhere. Today, Azubu has over 300 servers running with sound connectivity and no downtime.

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