Partners of Stratalux


Partners: AWS

Amazon Web Services

Stratalux is an official AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Service Partner. AWS provides infrastrucure in the cloud. As a reseller, we are able to provide value-added service on top of AWS basic infrastructure. We have expertise in developing and deploying to the Amazon cloud. Our partnership with AWS enables us to help our customers realize the potential cost savings, flexibility, and dependability possible with a cloud deployed system.

As a Next-Gen MSP, we can use our expertise to provide guidance to organizations like yours throughout your customer engagement lifecycle. This means we have validated capabilities to build and migrate environments to the AWS Cloud, and can help simplify your IT operations by managing workloads and services being hosted on AWS.


Partners: Chef


Stratalux is an official partner to Chef Software, the leader in Cloud Infrastructure Automation. Chef Software only partners with top Cloud vendors who are knowledgeable in using Chef to automate Cloud Infrastructure. With Chef tools, Stratalux is able to automate server provisioning, backup, failover, and other Cloud Infrastructure procedures. Our partnership with Chef Software helps Stratalux deliver on the promise of the Cloud – greater development agility at a lower cost – by automating processes for redundancy, scaling, and backup.


Partners: Zadara


Stratalux manages the most important aspects of cloud solutions to ensure your business can grow and innovate quickly and safely. Our expertise on the leading edge of cloud technology, combined with CloudCheckr’s comprehensive platform, enables us to help you make the most of your cloud investments. Stratalux leverages CloudCheckr to extract valuable visibility and insights to optimize costs, mitigate security risks, manage utilization, and improve operational efficiencies for your unique business.


Partners: New Relic

New Relic

Stratalux is an official System Integrator Partner with New Relic, the Software Analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics across millions of apps. Stratalux helps clients optimize application performance, customer experience, and business success with the New Relic platform. We help ensure successful hybrid cloud migrations with Managed Services and SLA optimizations while also providing insights and analytics for real time business decisions.


Partners: Zadara

Zadara Storage

Stratalux partners with Zadara Storage to deliver a Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) to Stratalux and Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers, leveraging the AWS cloud platform. VPSA delivers SAN and NAS in the Cloud to address enterprise needs such as volume-sharing and dedicated spindles for file and block based data. Stratalux and Zadara provide a highly scalable and cost-efficient cloud storage solution that can be delivered by the hour, allowing for scaling of capacity and performance up or down on-demand, and permitting unprecedented user self-service provisioning and administrative control under completely private environments. VPSA offers a separate Enterprise storage Cloud within the Amazon public Cloud and provides you complete configuration flexibility to build a custom Enterprise SAN and NAS in the Cloud environment to attach to your AWS compute environment.