How does Stratalux work?

At Stratalux we have built what we call our “Virtual Data Center (VDC)”. The Virtual Data Center is a fully managed cloud-based computing environment within which you can deploy your applications and websites.  In fact any applications you want!  In other words we build tailored Platform-as-a-Service stacks for our customers allowing them to retain control while leveraging a fully managed public cloud infrastructure.  How does this work?

Below is a diagram of our VDC.  As you can see we have three separate customers which are all deployed within our VDC.  To the left are the selected technologies and services our customers use to build their stacks.  To the right are the services that Stratalux bundles with our cloud offerings.

Stratalux VDC diagram

Stratalux VDC diagram

Stratalux VDC Services

When you deploy your applications into one of Stratalux’s tailored Platform-as-a-Service stacks you not only get complete control of your environment but also a full compliment of value added managed services.   Stratalux managed services include…

  • 24/7 NOC
  • Monitoring services
  • Scalability services
  • Performance tuning services
  • Provisioning services
  • Backup services

 Stratalux Tailored Platform-as-a-Service offering

Unlike traditional PaaS solutions Stratalux allows you to build a fully managed PaaS solution that is tailored to your technical and operational needs.  Consider us a second generation PaaS provider where instead of requiring you to build a solution to meet our PaaS technology we allow you to build a PaaS solution that is tailored to your needs.   As outlined in the diagram above there are three customers each leveraging the fully managed services of the Stratalux VDC while still being able to implement the technologies that you specify.

Stratalux Benefits

Deploying or migrating your applications to Stratalux provides you with the following benefits.

  • Economic benefits of cloud computing
  • Full cloud-based Managed Services
  • Complete control of your environment
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Improved performance and customer satisfaction