Stratalux customers

Stratalux provides cloud-based Professional and Managed Services, Private PaaS, and Development Services to our customers.  The following are some companies who have chosen Stratalux.

The Active Network is an online resource for the active lifestyle and includes dozens of websites on multiple platforms.  Active looked to Stratalux to craft a strategy using the cloud to make their systems more manageable and economical. Stratalux developed a plan to move their websites over to a cloud-based infrastructure, and provide managed services for those websites. Stratalux then worked with the individual groups within Active to begin moving Active assets over to a Stratalux-managed Private Platform-as-a-Service solution.  Stratalux consolidated multiple data centers into the cloud, as well as standardizing and automating the website deployment processes.  This resulted in more manageable environments and a higher service level than they had experienced previously. Now that Active has web properties firmly in the cloud and managed by Stratalux’s 24/7 Managed Services, Active can now focus on building the best active lifestyle websites possible.

WGT (World Golf Tour) the leader in social sports games on the Internet was looking to build a new website for a new sports-based social gaming opportunity. Building upon their expertise on their award winning realistic golf game (, WGT turned to Stratalux to help them build their new site on top of Amazon Web Services. WGT was considering negotiating, purchasing, installing, and configuring its own hardware, software, and equipment. Stratalux demonstrated how WGT could leverage cloud computing utilizing AWS and save the time, capital, and people it would have taken to build their own infrastructure. The result was the successful launch of a Facebook social game in a relatively short time period all deployed using Amazon Web Services. WGT saved the upfront expenses of provisioning their own hardware and having to hire people to install and configure it, were able to pay for only what they needed, and have a robust system that can scale as the game grows in popularity. They also saved considerable time in their development cycle by having an environment configured in AWS in weeks that would have taken many months to put together using traditional methods.

The new way to search real estate

Revestor ( provides an improved real estate investing experience by offering instant comparisons between rental properties. Revestor eliminates the hassle of having to estimate monthly rental prices in order to help you purchase a profitable investment. When Revestor was to appear on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, Revestor turned to Stratalux for help. Stratalux migrated the company to AWS and ensured their site stayed up during the traffic delluge that comes with such national exposure. As a result, Revestor made quite the splash in the real estate world.

CrownPeak (, a leading SaaS provider of web content management, engaged Stratalux to review their amazon hosting and global content delivery infrastructure, SLAs and vendor mix. Over the period of a rapid 2-month engagement, Stratalux was able to provide feedback resulting in improvements to the purchasing strategy at Amazon, the mix of 3rd party vendors employed and improvements to the SLAs. The result for CrownPeak is an improved costing model that allows CrownPeak to minimize its hosting costs while continuing to exceed customer satisfaction.

fliptop logo

Fliptop (, the leader in customer intelligence, that helps companies match email and social IDs with social profiles to enrich their contact databases has chosen Stratalux as their exclusive Amazon Web Services partner. Using Stratalux’s Smart Start service, Fliptop has already saved over 20% on their Amazon hosting costs.