Consolidating, standardizing, and simplifying IT in the cloud for a more manageable and agile environment.

The Challenge
The Active Network is the leading active lifestyle destination on the Internet, growing to become a $800 million company through organic growth and acquisitions.  Such rapid growth with diverse technologies and platforms presents an obstacle to Active’s ability to efficiently manage its growing infrastructure.  With over 100 active lifestyle web destinations, Active needed to get control over the configuration and management of its sites to make their infrastructure more manageable, cost-effective, and flexible.  Concurrently, Active decided to standardize some of its Internet properties on the proprietary Active Content Management System (ACM).   Active found its fragmented IT and development groups were each implementing this solution differently causing increased IT management overhead.
The Solution

After examining the web properties that were a top priority for Active, Stratalux worked with Active to create a standardized reference architecture using public cloud resources from Amazon Web Services and managed by RightScale.  Stratalux created a tailored PaaS solution for Active by automating the build and management of their ACM software. Using Rightscale and Chef, Stratalux automated the building of each of the components of Active’s content management system.  Using these tools Stratalux was able to standardize the configurations of IIS webserver, MSSQL Database Server and secondary services.  Using this standardized architecture, new websites launched by Active are as simple as pushing a button which deploys this reference architecture.   As an added benefit Active’s development and QA teams now have the ability to launch and manage their own deployments that exactly match production.   And because this reference architecture is a tailored PaaS solution created specifically for Active, backups, monitoring, scalability and a 24/7 NOC are all built into the solution.


With Stratalux, Active was able to build a reference architecture for their proprietary content management system.  Armed with this standardized solution Active can now replicate not only the software but the entire infrastructure for each of their existing and new web properties.  Additionally QA and development environments are guaranteed to be the same improving quality and customer satisfaction.  Stratalux’s managed services rounds out the solution by allowing Active’s business owners and development teams to focus on building great active lifestyle websites instead of worrying about the minutia of IT.

About Active Network

The Active Network, Inc. is the leading provider of organization-based cloud computing applications serving diverse market segments including business events, community activities, outdoors and sports. Their technology platform, ActiveWorks™, transforms the way organizers manage their activities and events by automating online registrations and streamlining other critical management functions, while also driving consumer participation to their events. Active’s flagship media property,, is the leading online community for people who want to discover, participate in, and share activities about which they are passionate. Headquartered in San Diego, California since 1999, the company has over 25 offices worldwide.

About Stratalux

Stratalux is the leader in cloud-based Managed Services. Using Stratalux’s Virtual Data Center we help companies migrate existing services into a fully managed and customizable environment allowing companies to leverage the benefits of the cloud without losing their managed services. Stratalux is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.