Stratalux Partners

Stratalux partners with multiple companies in the cloud ecosystem to provide our customers with the most comprehensive service possible.

Stratalux is an official Amazon Web Services partner.  AWS provides infrastrucure in the cloud.  As a reseller, we are able to provide value-added service on top of AWS basic infrastructure.  We have expertise in developing and deploying to the Amazon cloud.  Our partnership with AWS enables us to help our customers realize the potential cost savings, flexibility, and dependability possible with a cloud deployed system.
Stratalux is an official partner to Opscode, the leader in Cloud Infrastructure Automation.  Opscode only partners with top Cloud vendors who are knowledgeable in using Chef to automate Cloud Infrastructure.  With Opscode tools, Stratalux is able to automate server provisioning, backup, failover, and other Cloud Infrastructure procedures.  Our partnership with Opscode helps Stratalux deliver on the promise of the Cloud – greater development agility at a lower cost – by automating processes for redundancy, scaling, and backup.
 Stratalux is an official System Integrator partner to Rightscale, the leader in Cloud Computing Management Tools.  Rightscale partners with the top Cloud vendors to expand and enhance its Cloud management offerings.    Rightscale tools help Stratalux provide a repeatable and scalable toolset for deploying and managing virtual servers to meet needs of rapid deployment and scaling.  Partnering with Rightscale helps Stratalux deliver to customers’ greater agility at lower cost resulting in more rapid innovation and efficient use of IT spend.